Prayers for peace

A prayer for peace in Israel and Gaza

Christ, Prince of Peace, 
hear our prayer and lament, 
for our suffering sisters and brothers. 
Our hearts are heavy as we witness lives torn apart,  
as we see the faces of frightened children 
and hear the pleas of those without water or food. 

We pray for the dead and the grieving, 
for the injured and the afraid. 
We pray for courage and perseverance, 
for those working for healing and to bring aid. 
We pray for world leaders, 
that they may strive for a just and lasting peace.  

God of new beginnings, 
in your ways are compassion and hope. 
Open our hearts to dialogue and understanding. 
Lead us all to answer your call 
to become peacemakers 
today, and all the days of our life. 


Pray with us

Please add your name to our prayer message which we will send to our trusted partners who are responding to the urgent needs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel:

  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Sadaka Reut
  • Caritas Jerusalem
  • Hotline for Refugees and Migrants
  • Jerusalem Legal Aid Centre
  • local Gazan partner (we cannot name them for security reasons).

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