Not in our name: An open letter to the Prime Minister

The Government’s newly passed Illegal Migration Act goes against everything that Pope Francis has called us to be. The Holy Father has implored world leaders to ‘build bridges, not walls’, and show compassion for those fleeing their homes, whether it’s because of war, persecution or poverty. This new Act will cause immeasurable harm to people seeking sanctuary. 

Please sign and share our open letter to the Prime Minister.

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Dear Prime Minister,

We write united in our grief, outrage, and shame at the new migration law being passed. It is an inhumane attack on people who are seeking safety on our shores, who will now be turned away in their hour of need.

We believe in our duty to love the stranger, and stand up for migrants who need support and protection. Pope Francis has called on us to “show maximum respect for the dignity of each migrant… constructing bridges and not walls [and] expanding channels for a safe and regular migration.”

The UK has been able to welcome Ukrainian people needing sanctuary, and we strongly believe this compassion should be extended to all those in need without prejudice. We all deserve to live safely, and to be supported and protected. This compassion is at the heart of our moral duty as a society, as well as our commitment to international law. 

We say loudly and clearly: this new law is not in our name.