Urge BlackRock to drop Zambia's debt!

In April, Zambia will go head-to-head with the largest investment company in the world - BlackRock.

Zambia is in the middle of a huge debt crisis. It has been spending more on debt repayments than on health, education and social spending combined.

Yet Blackrock, one of the country’s biggest lenders in 2020, refused Zambia’s request to suspend debt repayments during the pandemic.

Zambia ran out of money and had to stop paying. Negotiations will now take place over whether the debts are paid or Zambia can fund public services.

People in Zambia are calling for debt cancellation. But they’re not alone. Thousands of us around the world are campaigning with them.

Please join them and call for BlackRock to #CancelTheDebt.

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Our world can be one where countries like Zambia don’t have to choose between funding public services and debt repayments.  

Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO, I’m calling on you to cancel Zambia’s debt now!